Balance Box

A healthier diet sounds appealing to many of us. Whether it’s for your health, energy, or just losing a few pounds, Balance Box can help.

It’s difficult to find time to plan a healthy meal and cook it. Balance Box help you save time and do all the heavy lifting for you. No planning, no prepping, no cooking. You get all your meals for the week delivered straight to you. This means less time stressing over what to eat, and more time to spend with your family and friends.

No more temptation to just give in and get a takeaway when you know you have a delicious meal waiting for you at home. It’s like having your own personal chef for a fraction of the price but with all the flavour.

The Subscription

It couldn’t be simpler to have your meal plan sorted for you. All you have to do is sign up to Balance Meals and begin the short process. Each plan is individualized since it’s chosen based on your needs, activity levels, and schedule. On top of that, to avoid getting food that doesn’t meet your fancy, you can choose your meals. Chocolate brownies, Mexican rice, and sweet potatoes are some mouth-watering examples of what you could get. You can be excited for meal times knowing you’re getting some delicious and that you like.

The meals are kept fresh by two weekly deliveries. This way, the quality stays high and you’ll have no complaints. With no hidden costs, your delivery is free, so there is even less to worry about. Once you have your delivery, you’ll have a meal ready to be heated within 2 minutes. All you’ll have to do then is tuck in and enjoy.


There are several different plans to choose from when setting up your plan. They vary in price but you’ll still be ensured 3 well-rounded meals each day. Each plan is all your meals for the week plus snacks. The prices are listed below:

  • Trim and slim: £120
  • Maintain and sustain: £135
  • Grow and gain: £150
  • Power and plants (vegan): £120
  • Balance plan: £99

If you’re unsure of spending your well-earned money on these boxes, you can opt for a 2-day taster for £49. This delivers 3 balanced meals and snacks for 2 days. It also has a vegan option. After the ease of not cooking yourself, I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

Most food subscription boxes involve you having to still prep and cook. Balance Meals takes this out of the equation and frees up so much time. Some other boxes don’t even include all the ingredients. So, if you hate cooking but enjoying high-quality meals, you may as well try Balance Meals.

From: £99