Banjo Robinson

Who is BANJO Robinson?

BANJO Robinson is a worldwide travelling Cat that has a passion for not only looking at all the beauty of this world but also wants to teach the next generation about what wonders this world holds for all of us. The cat delivers personalized letter and fun activities for your children, to not only enjoy but also learn from, from all around the world.

The cat is your child’s personal best friend and pen-pal.

How the Process Works:

The process in all its simplicity is honestly a work of art in essence. Here’s a preview on how Banjo the Car works:

  • You need to sign up your child on their website. As Banjo the Cat takes your child’s privacy very seriously only the parents or guardian s of the child can sign up their children.
  • Banjo Robinson the cat will send your kid a letter twice every month.
  • This letter will be filled with lots of activities and fun material that gives your child enjoyment and stuff to learn from.
  • Your child writes to BANJO the cat back every time. This not only increases your child’s knowledge about the world. It also enhances your child’s writing skill, handwriting and above all gives your child a fun and creative way to learn.
  • BANJO the cat will receive your child’s letters, which might contain questions and queries, and tries to address them.
  • Banjo the cat becomes your child’s pen-pal. It’s great right?

What Does BANJO Robinson Sent Letter contains?

Banjo Robinson the World travelling cat send your child a letter twice every month. Here is an overview of its contents:

  • In your first letter you will receive a beautiful world map. This is used to keep track of where BANJO is and was and will be.
  • Personalized letters. The letters are personally written for every child.
  • Stickers. The letter comes with cute little stickers. Who doesn’t like stickers? Stickers make everything cute,
  • A page or book to color in, thus causing your child to not only become involved with BANJO but also help them learn interesting new skills.
  • Reply stationary. Banjo the cat sends your child all the stationary required to send their replies to Banjo.
  • Recipes of tasty looking dishes from all over the world. This not only increases the knowledge of the child but also allows them to experience amazing cuisine from all around the globe.
  • Facts about different countries. This increases your child’s knowledge about all the countries and cities of the world where Banjo goes.

Where is BANJO Robinson the Cat

Currently BANJO the world-trotting cat is exploring and collecting all kinds of amazing and wonderful adventures and stories for your children from the lands of Portugal.

Although in near future the cat has plans of going to Mexico, Madagascar, Russia and much more.

You can track its adventures over on his website.

The Subscription Plans Banjo Offers

Want to know a good thing about Banjo the Cat? Well the fun fact is Banjo not only cares for children’s but also adults and their wallets.

Banjo Robinson the Cat does this by offer you multiple subscription plans to fit each and every one of you all’s needs.

Here are the details about the subscription plans offered to you, so you can pick the best one for you:

  1. The most flexible one: This plan is called as the most flexible plan because it is a monthly plan. You will be billed monthly instead of all at once, and this plan is suitable the most for those who want to try what BANJO Robinson the cat has to offer. This plan costs £9.99/month.
  2. The most popular one This plan Is the most popular one now a days, and that is because it is a six month plan. No worries about Payment for the next six months. And exciting fun and learning for your child for a whole six months only for the price of £54.99/month.
  3. The best value one: This pack is best for those who are in love with BANJO the globetrotting cat. This is an annual plan that costs £95.88/month,

Payment is deducted in full at the start of the subscription. You can cancel the subscription at a your leisure.

Why BANJO Robinson?

Why should we pick BANJO Robinson and subscribe to them? Well the reasons for that are abundant but here are a few to get things going:

  • BANJO Robinson the Cat goes all around the world travelling and searching the world. This Cat likes to share its immense treasure of knowledge and beauty with little kids. Why should your children be left out from this?
  • BANJO Robinson the Cat sends all its followers letters directed specifically to them. These letters are write with the help of world famous children book authors to make them enjoyable and fun.
  • The letters your kids receive contain many interesting and helpful exercises that help them learn and grow.
  • The letters are in hard written form and your child is also supposed to write back to BANJO Robinson the Cat through letters. This not only enhances their writing skills and gives them a boost of confidence.
  • In this modern electronic media world kids are forgetting the important stuff like the world in all its glory, a world outside of their tabs and devices. This is like the best way to not only keep your child in touch with the things like actual letters. It is also a fun way to make them enjoy the simple things in life.
  • The more time they spend with Banjo the more time they are spending away from the screens of their electronic devices.
  • This gives parents a fun way to interact with their kids in a nice and healthy environment.


From: £9.99