Bug Bakes

Climate change. Environment breakdown. These days everyone is becoming more knowledgeable and conscious about their impact on the climate of this world. Which is great thing to be honest.

And this change in behavior has caused many companies to review their products and how they are producing those products.

Bug Bakes is one of the best eco-friendly pet product company out there.

They care about not only the pets but also the Earth on which the pets live, alongside humans duh.

From eco-friendly packaging to recycle able toys and other stuff, Bug Bakes is doing its best to make sure your pets and their needs do not impact the environment in any bad way.

The products are made using a very innovative approach on a different kind of proteins that has not been seen being used much. Though the title is a big spoiler the proteins they use are Bugs. Crickets to be exact.

Livestock farming is impacting our environment in a very huge way. So the owner decided they wanted to change that a bit. So they decided to use insects instead.

They also donate some of their profits to various organizations such as Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

And you don’t have to worry about your pets not liking the food and products. Because from a lot of customer reviews and taste testing it has been proven that the pets absolutely love it.

From: £29.99