Butternut Box

Butternut box is one of the first homemade dog food company in the United Kingdom. It is one of the few brands to secure 5 out of 5 on AllAboutDogFood.com. They launched in 2017 and since then have been a huge hit. Their progress is marvelous.

How Butternut Box works

Butternut Box is honestly a very unique and amazing idea. Here is a preview of how it works:

  • When you are subscribing to butternut box you tell the company about your dog. Introduction is in order the foremost. This is a really important step as each package is made differently on a dog to dog basis. It’s just simple introduction like which breed is your dog? It’s age? Size? How active or lazy are they? Treats per day? Nothing too difficult or hard to answer. This helps them create the paw-rfect meal for your dog.
  • Based on your dog the company decides on the best meal for your dog.
  • The food is frozen, packaged and insulated to get it ready for delivery. This is done to ensure its freshness.
  • The box of dog food is delivered right to your door.
  • You can always edit, pause, or cancel your subscription whenever you want. There are not contracts no commitment. Just food for your dog.
  • The food can layer be adjusted according to your dog’s needs. Like allergies and all that. They will take care of it all.

Subscription Plans

Butternut offers a few subscription plans that you can customize yourself according to your needs. Here’s how that works:

  • The size of the box depends on the dog. How much it needs etc.
  • You can set the frequency of the boxes. How many boxes you want per month and such. There are usually options to order boxes every two, three or four weeks.
  • There are no contracts no commitment.
  • You can edit, pause or even cancel your subscription whenever you want to without any hassle.
  • You are charged at the card you signed up with on 12am Thursday. And delivery will be done on Friday.

Content of the Butternut Box

The butternut box is prepared solely for your dog. It is 100% homemade food. Everything is made from fresh and good quality ingredients that even humans can eat it, Though I won’t suggest that. The box is tailored to meet your dogs every need.

The specifics of what is in the box depends on your dog. Some things that affect it are your dogs breed, size, age etc.

You do have the option to add treats to the box for your dog. 

What makes Butternut Better then other Traditional Dog Foods

Butternut Boxes are easier to handle plus they are better and healthier for your dogs. Here are a few reason as to why they are better:

  • The butternut boxes are perfectly pre-portioned so you don’t have to do any more guess work. This pre-portioning is done based on your dogs needs and is done differently for every dog.
  • Butternut Boxes contain 60% meat content. On the other hand traditional dog foods sometimes contain as low as 4% meat content. As we all know meat is a very important part of diet. Scarcity or overabundance of meat in diet can cure health problems for your dog.
  • Butternut Meals are cooked at low temperature while traditional dog food is sometimes cooked at temperatures as high as 120 Degrees Celsius. This allows the food to retain its nutritional value and also save the dog from a lot of health problems that come with high temperature foods.
  • The butternut boxes are made from only fresh and high quality ingredients. These ingredients are sourced right from the United Kingdom. Traditional dog food sometimes contains low quality ingredients which are rarely fresh. This is sometimes done to maximize profit while other times it is done because of other reason such as unavailability or carelessness. Unawareness is sometime a big cause too. You don’t have to worry about any of that on Butternut as they have experts on their team.
  • Butternut offers you total transparency about its ingredients. Everything that goes into your dog’s food is also shown to you. It is all listed. On the other hand most of the time there is no such things in traditional dog foods. Who knows what your dog might be eating. (Other than tennis balls they always trying to chew)
  • Butternut boxes are made after consultation with vets and are vet approved. Some traditional dog foods also are vet approved but that isn’t always the case.

Why Butternut Boxes

The question “WHY” is always gnawing at our brains. ‘Why should I subscribe to this?” Well the answers to this question are abundant but let’s highlight a few:

  • The food is made from fresh and good quality ingredients; it is gently cooked and is all locally sourced.
  • The boxes are pre-proportioned thus you don’t have to worry about your dog over or under eating.
  • The boxes are developed with consultation of nutritionists and vets. They care for your dog as much as you do. And nothing comes before the safety of your dog.
  • The boxes are perfectly tailored according to your dogs need so they can live a long and healthy life. Plus enjoy their meals to the fullest.
  • The boxes are prepared in such a way that they are easily digested. This helps your dog avoid bad tummy cases.
  • No artificially produced stuff or chemicals added. None of the nasty stuff.



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