Chewy Moon is a weekly subscription box that delivers snacks and fun packs for your child to our door. Chewy Moon offers its customers a chance to let their kids enjoy healthy snacks.

As the UK’s first nutritionally balanced snack company Chewy Moon is the best fit to suit your child’s needs. You can set your child’s preferences and dietary needs and leave the work to Chewy Moon.

With highly energetic kids you should have no worries about their health.

Chewy Moon tailors the box according to your child’s preferences and also taste tests the snacks before to ensure you are not dissatisfied.

They offer subscription boxes on a weekly basis for just £5(including delivery charges) and on top of that the first box is free.

Let’s be honest we all choose taste over health which is understandable but Chewy Moon offers you both at the same time. That’s why it’s a huge hit.

From: £4.93