Creation Crate

Creation Crate is a monthly subscription box which allows to learn and make electronics. This box is recommended for children over the age of 12. But children as young as 8 years of age, with help of their parents, to people of 65+ years of age in retiring homes, everyone can enjoy this box to the fullest. It has been a huge success with over 60,000 boxes delivered. This box focuses as learning and helps you be ready for the future and keep your mind sharp.

Working of Creation Crate

The working process of Creation Crate is simple and fun. Here is a sneak peek into the working of Creation Crate to help you understand what makes it so interesting:

  • Choose a subscription type which fits your needs best.
  • The subscription box will be delivered safely to your door.
  • The components of the box depend on your subscription.
  • Learn how to build the project of the month.
  • Build the project delivered to you.
  • The project which will be delivered to you increases in difficulty and excitement every month.
  • This is based on a fixed curriculum determined by the team at Creation Crate.

Subscription Plans

The Company of Creation Crate offers its members a variety of subscription plans so they can choose the plan that suits them and their family the best. This shows just how much thought has been put into this. Well, here is a short preview of all the subscription plans you will be offered at Creation Crate:

  1. The Monthly Subscription:The monthly subscription offered by Creation Crate is a subscription box consisting of 1 project. This plan costs $29.99/box. Sadly, this plan does not give you any bonus gifts with it.
  2. The Quarterly Plan:The Quarterly plan offered to the members of Creation Crate consists of 3 projects. These three projects are delivered at once. This plan costs $104.99/box. This plan also includes a bonus component case which is worth $15.
  3. The Semi-Annually Plan:The Semi-Annually is the most popular of all plans offered at Creation Crate. Subscribing to this plan allows you to receive 6 projects at once for the price of $204.99/box. This plan also includes two bonus gifts namely a component case and a digital multimeter valuing around $25.
  4. The Annually Plan:The Annually Plan is also a popular choice among the members of Creation Crate. This plan offers you 12 projects delivered at once to your doorstep at the price of $424.88/box. This plan also includes three bonus gifts which are a XL component case, a digital multimeter and Soldering kit.
  5. The One-Time Plan:The One-Time plan is the best value plan offered by Creation Crate. This plan offers you 18 projects which are delivered at once. This plan has a price of $604.82/box. This plan also includes the three bonus gifts specifically an XL component case, a digital multimeter and a Soldering kit.

Components of the Creation Crate Subscription Box

The subscription Box delivered to you by the Creation Crate is filled with different components which depend once project of the month. But the things that are main in all boxes are:

  • An UNO R3 microcontroller, which is like an Arduino compatible pocket-sized computer.
  • Various electronic components
  • Access to online courses to help you build the project

Plus, you will also be given all the other components required to easily build your project.

All these components are safely and securely packaged and packed then delivered right to your doorstep. This helps ensure you get the joy of creating right from the comfort of your home.

The Curriculum

The Creation Crate follows a curriculum planned out beforehand that they follow. The Curriculum is basically the projects they will be doing over the year. They are to teach and slowly progress from easy to difficult. Here is a preview of the projects:

Mood Lamp

Project 1

Build and program a Mood Lamp that turns on when you turn the lights off. It also changes colors according to the programming.

Memory Game

Project 2

Build a game that tests your memory and play with your friends. You and your friends and family will have to memorize and recite back a programmed pattern of LEDs. You will program patterns of LEDs to deliver a sequence

Distance Detector

Project 3

Build a distance detector using the help of an ultrasonic detector that determines the distance of an object using wave frequencies. Just like bats do.

LED Dice Game

Project 4

Learn how to code a simulation of rolling a pair of dice with LEDs.

Optical Theremin

Project 5

Learn how to build an instrument that can be played without being touched. This is taught using Optical Theremin Kit.

2-Player Reflex Game

Project 6

Code and learn how to create a device that measures and tests your reflexes. See who has the fastest hands among you friends by testing your reflex times.

Weather Station

Project 7

Measure temperature, humidity, heat index, atmospheric pressure, and altitude by learning how to code and build a multi-purpose device.

Audio Visualizer

Project 8

See and find out how your music sounds by creating a display that lights up columns based on the volume of your music.

Lock Box

Project 9

Learn how to build and code an alarm that when attached to a box triggers an alarm sound when it is opened up without entering a code first.

Digital Multimeter

Project 10

Create device that measures voltage, so this could be things like battery life or if your wires are connected properly.

Handheld Balance Game

Project 11

Learn how to code and build a device that measures rotation! Play and see which of you has the best balance.

Strength Gauge

Project 12

Learn how to code and create a device that measures force. See who is the strongest of you all.

Infrared Security System

Project 13

Find out how to code and build a device to sound an alarm when someone walks by that uses an infrared sensor.

Wireless Control Center

Project 14

Remember the Infrared Security System project from last month? Build a device that can wirelessly send and receive information about your Infrared Security System.

Laser Trip wire Transmitter

Project 15

Find out how to code and put together a device that can figure out whether or not something or someone has passed through a laser pointer which you set.

Alarm Clock

Project 16

Code and build your own digital alarm clock. That not only shows the accurate time but even works when unplugged.

RFID Reader

Project 17

Create and program your own RFID Reader. This device can read a master keycard. It can also authorize and deactivate a master keycard.

FM Tuner

Project 18

Find out how to build and program a device that can scan your local radio stations. You can also listen to them using an aux cable.

Bonus Gifts

Component Case

Keep your projects organized with a component case.

(Included in the quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans)

Soldering Kit

Get a soldering iron, wire, wick, stand, and sponge.

Digital Multimeter

This tool measures voltage, current and resistance.

(Included in the semi-annual, and annual plans)

Component Case XL

A much larger version of the component case.

(Included in the annual plan)


The Creation Crate offers discount coupons to the members. Some coupons are on your first delivery and sometimes seasonal ones too.

Why Creation Crate?

What makes Creation Crate so special? Why should we spend our money on it?

Well, here are a few reasons that answer those and many more questions:

  • You can play and learn, with your family, at the same time.
  • You get all the components needed to make these amazing projects right at your doorstep so you can enjoy all the creativity from the comfort of your home.
  • You get to learn basic and advance courses in C++ and electronics.
  • The delivery is free all across the globe.
  • If you don’t understand something, they will not only answer all your questions but also provide you with the knowledge you need on their internet courses.

Want to enjoy quality time with your kids and not only want to have fun but also teach them at the same time? Well Creation Crate is your best bet.

From: £29.99