Different Dog

Different Dog is one of United Kingdom’s first homemade dog food companies, and the first that changes their menu on a regularly basis. It has gotten a 97% nutritional rating and five start excellent rating on trust pilot. The idea behind Different Dog is honestly marvelous.

Working Of Different Dog

The working of Different Dog is not only a sophisticated process but also a unique one. Here’s a Sneak peek into its working process:

  • When you are signing up for Different Dog, you will introduce your dog to the team. Just so they can get a better idea of the food and nutritional requirements of your dog and build the perfect box for it.
  • You will select your favorite dishes.
  • The dishes are hand-cooked and ready to be eaten by your dogs.
  • The food is delivered in frozen state so it retains its freshness.
  • The food is delivered right to your door.
  • You can serve the food directly from the fridge or warm it gently to give your dog an even better experience.
  • The menu of the next week can be seen at the website.

What’s in the Different Dog Boxes?

The contents of Different Dog dog-food boxes are made from 100% fresh and homemade ingredients. The box is prepared solely from your dog. The ingredients are handpicked by the team. The specifics of what’s inside the box depend on your dog’s needs and your choices. Some things that affect the contents of the boxes are your dog’s age, size, breed, preferences and much more. The boxes are designed in such a way that they fulfill and cover every single one of your dogs needs.

Subscription Plan

Different dog offers you subscription plans which can be customized by you to suit your needs and such. The process is given below:

  • You can choose the size of the box. This usually depends on the dogs nutritional requirements. Every dog has its own needs and thus every box is made according to those.
  • You can set the frequency of the boxes according to your own leisure. How frequently you want to the receive the boxes and such, this is done to ensure you aren’t under any pressure and can take things at your own pace.
  • You can edit, pause or even cancel your subscription whenever you want.

You are in command and control of what you order and when.

Why are Different Dog dog-food boxes better than traditional dog foods?

Different Dog dog-food boxes are better than traditional dog foods. The following points will tell you why that is:

  • Different Dog dog-food boxes are more efficient.
  • They are delivered to your homes.
  • The boxes are made specifically for your dog. This helps ensure that your dogs gets what it deserves. And that is the Best.
  • The dog food boxes are made from 100% fresh ingredients. This is done to ensure you and your dog enjoys this experience the most.
  • The food is delivered in frozen state straight to your door. This helps the food retain its freshness. You can simply take it out of the fridge and give it or as a treat heat is a little and serve warmed.
  • The Different Dog dog-food boxes give your dog a variety of foods. This is done because like us humans even our pets became tired of eating the same things every day,
  • The different dog food boxes contain ingredients that are very low on allergens. This helps ensure your dog not only enjoys his food but also stays healthy.
  • The food is easy to digest. This helps your dog feel more energetic.
  • At different dog they make no compromise on your dogs Heath.
  • The Different Dog food boxes are cooked at low temperature. Low temperature cooked food is better for your dogs,
  • They are the perfect balance of meat and vegetables for your dog to ensure it takes all the nutrients required for a healthy life.
  • The food boxes are made with consultation of a pet nutritionist and vets.
  • The Different Dog food boxes are loved by animals making them eat all they need without any hassle.
  • The price of this homemade dog food is really affordable.

Why Different Dog Food Subscription Boxes

”Why should we subscribe to Different Dog?” Well the answers to the question are pretty simple and abundant. Here is an overview of some of the reasons:

  • According to some research 95% of the homemade dog recipes are nutritionally insufficient for your dogs. They don’t contain the necessary nutritional value and ingredients required by your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Different Dog food boxes not only save you from the hassle of making your dog the food it likes it also frees you from the worry of weather the dog is eating what it needs to.
  • Many recipes and dog food brands contain vegetables that are not suited for dogs. People always try to give their dogs the best they can but sometimes due to unawareness they fail at this. Some vegetables are not suited for dogs that are suited for humans. For example we shouldn’t give our dogs grapes.
  • Dog need the right ratios of elements in their food like for example there is a fixed ratio of how much phosphorus and calcium your dog should take. At Different Dog they keep all these facts and values in check when preparing the food of your dogs.
  • Not many other dog food companies use vets and pet nutritionists when making dog food. But at Different Dog, you dog comes first and foremost.
  • Different dog food boxes are not only made from fresh homemade ingredients they are also not heavy on your wallet.
  • Different Dog food boxes are the best way to ensure you dog gets the best homemade foods and still get all its nutritional needs fulfilled.
  • Different Dog food boxes are free of all kinds of harmful chemicals.

From: £18