It’s time to get excited. The popular FabFitFun boxes are now available in the UK!

You may feel as though the samples from most subscription boxes aren’t enough. Well, FabFitFun provides you with 8-10 full-sized products! It doesn’t just stop at one category. FabFitFun includes premium items regarding beauty, fitness, wellness, and home. You get your money’s worth and more by paying $50 (approx. £40) for products worth up to $200 (approx. £150). You’ll get a box delivered to your door each season, so that’s 4 a year.

FabFitFun accommodates all, allowing you to choose what products you want to receive each season. If the excitement of surprise is the one for you, you can opt to keep the box’s contents a secret until delivery day.

What you can expect to get in your FabFitFun boxes

  • Accessories (sunglasses, purses, scarves)
  • Clothing (shawls, kimonos, sweaters)
  • Home goods (towels, scent diffusers, pillowcases)
  • Skincare products (eye creams, face masks, moisturizers)
  • Haircare products (shampoos, conditioners, hairbrushes)
  • Cosmetics (eyebrow pencils, applicators, eyeshadow palettes)


The average price for a FabFitFun box is a reasonable $49.99 (approx. £40). If you find that you cannot be without your quarterly box, you can sign up for a year’s subscription. This saves $20 with a total price of $179.99 (approx £135).
Since it’ll be shipping from the US, the postage and packaging to the UK are another $10. With the average monthly price being about £48.58, it’s still a massive bargain.

What Makes This Box Great

FabFitFun is extremely popular and the reason for this is very clear. You get a great selection of full-sized and high-quality products. You aren’t stuck with just one type of product, so you’ll definitely receive something you love. Even so, if you opt to choose your items, you’re guaranteed to be happy with all of them. You’ll never be bored and will always be anticipating the next box.

The price of these boxes makes it even better. Each box is an absolute steal since you’re getting almost £113 more than you’re paying. Let’s not forget the quality of the products are amazing, which justifies the little you are spending. It’s like going on a shopping spree and getting everything you wanted on sale. The products you may not feel a need for, make excellent gifts for friends too. We won’t tell them about your savings on it if you don’t.

You may think the box is already more than you bargained for, but there’s even more. Being a subscriber gives you access to FabFitFun TV, where you can follow their expert workout videos and cooking tutorials. Who knows, you may be able to use one of your new products with the tutorials. If 8-10 products aren’t enough, you’re more than welcome to opt into add-ins for each box. Even the gorgeous packaging makes the experience of receiving a FabFitFun box. You’ll never fear your least favourite season, as that means your next box is on the way.

Our Score: 9.8/10

If you’re looking to customise your subscription box, then FabFitFun is for you! The quality of products you receive for what you’re paying simply can’t be beaten. Every item has a use, even if you want the element of surprise.

From: £48.58