Five Four Club

Menlo Club, formerly known as the Five Four Club, is a subscription service, monthly and quarterly, that provides curated style options for every man featuring items from Five Four, New Republic, GRC and Melrose Place. The service drives to provide its members with the highest quality of personalized fashion content and much more.

Working of Five Four Club

Five Four Clubs works on a very sophisticated working process. Here are the details of the Five Four Club given below:

  • Take a quiz: When signing up for a membership subscription plan you will be asked to take a quiz. This quiz is taken to determine your taste and choice in clothing. This is to ensure you get the outfits and clothing that fits not only your body but also your needs and demands. Get the clothes right for you.
  • Join up the membership subscription program. Give your details and sign up for the membership subscription plan at the website. Every month you will be delivered the items from that month. It’s usually a package of two items. No package of two months contain the same items. Every item will be different to give you the variety of a lifetime.
  • Enjoy membership perks. The membership perks don’t end with your delivered box but you can enjoy many other great perks of Five Four Clubs membership like discounts at store, exclusive members pricing, to Menlo Insider community.
  • Recieve the items right at your door. You don’t even have to leave your house. Just collect the box at your door. No hassle of shopping.
  • Wear and impress.

Contents of Five Four Club Subscription Boxes

Over the course of the year, the club members will receive New Republic footwear in two predetermined months, Grand AC athleisure wear will be made part of the boxes in another two months, and Five Four contemporary wear will be available in the boxes for the remaining 8 months. Depending on the month, a usual package is guaranteed to include two to three items.

Though the specific contents of the box are a surprise and not revealed. Each box has different clothings items.

Subscription Plan Offered

There are two kinds of subscription plans offered to the members of Menlo Club when signing up for the membership. Let’s take a look at the plans.

  • The monthly plan: The monthly plan is subscription plan that will deduct payment from your preferred payment method On a monthly basis.
  • The quaternary plan/ the seasonal plan: The quaternary/seasonal plan is a membership plan that takes pre-payment for the next three months (a season). This allows you to avail some discount.

The subscription are hassle-free and entirely flexible. You can easily cancel/pause or delay the subscription at any moments notice.

Payments and Billing

  • Monthly plan: $60.00 (taxes may apply) will be billed to monthly members for the current month plus every month from then on till the subscription is cancelled or paused. For monthly members, the 15th of each month is the charge date. Usually within 7-10 days after the charge date, the packages are shipped.
  • Quaternary/Seasonal plan: Seasonal members will be billed $75.00 (taxes may apply) for the current season, and every successive season until you cancel or pause your account. For each season, the charge and shipping date is varied depending on the time of year and is usually informed to the members via the website, member dashboard, social media and email. The date of charge and the date of shipping are usually three months apart from each other.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are acceptable payment methods. Cash, personal checks, money orders or PayPal are sadly not accepted.

Pause/Cancel membership

  • Monthly plan: You can pause or cancel your membership at any time by calling¬†888.341.2381. In case of cancellation of subscription before the 14th of the month the subscription of the current month will be cancelled. In case of cancellation after the 15th the subscription will be cancelled for the following month.
  • Quaternary/Seasonal plan: You can pause or cancel your membership at any time by calling¬†888.341.2381. If the call for cancellation of subscription is done on or before the charge date then the subscription will be cancelled for the current season but in case the call is done after the charge date the subscription will be cancelled for the following season.

Return/Exchange of Items

Menlo Club Packages are not refundable or returnable. This is because eye are personally curated based on your style and preferences. However they are exchangeable for size differences.

You may exchange items due to size-related issues within 30 days of receiving them. For the items to be acceptable for exchange all items must be received in unworn condition, with no stains, tears, or visible signs of use.

Delivery of the Packages

  • You will receive an email with a tracking number when the package has been shipped. This information is also accessible in your member dashboard.
  • Shipping is free for all members within the United States.
  • Within 7-10 days after the date of charge packages are usually shipped. Depending on the location and address of delivery packages usually arrive between 2-5 days of the shipping date.

Why Menlo Club?

Menlo Clubs is one of the leading subscription clubs and here are a few reasons why you should consider signing up as a member:

  • Besides the monthly packages, Five Four club members will also receive many benefits such as discounts up to 25% off items in the Menlo House E-Commerce store, also including free shipping on all orders and access to exclusive member-only items.
  • You can easily change your choices and styles at the members dashboard.
  • You can find proper instructions on how to care for your clothes at the website.
  • You are also given the option to exchange sizes in case of a problem.
  • The items are personally curated based on current season and trends.

Wear the best. Be the best.