Friction Free Shaving

Friction Free Shaving delivers a shaving kit that is seamless, convenient, and without side effects. Regular blades can cause chaffing and cutting. This box provides a way to eliminate these side effects and offer a smooth shaving experience. The standards are incredibly high, ranging from reusable diamond coated blades to other cosmetic products to improve your shaving. Stay green with their 100% natural creams and lotions.

It’s hard to find the right razor for you, but Friction Free Shaving makes this easy. Their products trump regular razors that cause itching and other nasties. In just one stroke, their metal-handed razor can remove all of your unwanted hair.

What’s Included?

You’ll not be let down with Friction Free Shaving’s wide range of products. The basic package (which is really not so basic) includes 6 diamond-coated blades, a precision trimmer blade, and an aloe-vera lubrication strip. Each blade offers a flexible head and ergonomic handle, allowing you to shave with ease and comfort.


The cost of your package varies on your individual requirements. The frequency to which you shave can alter the price, as well as whether you include additional products in your order.

The basic package is an economical £9 with a generous selection:

  • Painted colour finish
  • Sturdy metal handle for optimal control
  • 6 diamond-coated blades for each head
  • Built-in styling bikini blade
  • Lubricating vitamin E strip

This package includes everything you need for a soothing shave; however, you may want more. This will affect your final price. On a plus, all the packages include free delivery.

Benefits of Choosing Friction Free Shaving

There are so many reasons why you should choose Friction Free Shaving for your shaving needs. A few being:

Ecofriendly Materials 

Everything supplied from Friction Free Shaving is made from eco-friendly materials and are easily recyclable. There is nothing better than knowing you’re saving the planet while also having high-quality products. Everything supplied is vegan friendly with no animal testing and every material is clear of any animal products.

Reusable Metal Handle

You wouldn’t want to have an item that can only be used once then thrown away. The metal handle and blades provided are reusable. This means there is less waste and less money out of pocket.

All Natural

Synthetic ingredients don’t always agree with our skin which can lead to unwanted side effects. Friction Free Shaving focuses on providing all-natural products such as shea butter, manuka honey, and coconut oil. After careful testing, they have developed products that are easy on every part of the body.


You may find that the frequency of your deliveries is too much since you get more uses out of each blade than expected. Friction Free Shaving has amazing flexibility which allows you to pause your delivery, swap products, and change how often your deliveries are. You’re not stuck with the plan for an allotted amount of time either, as they allow cancellation at any time.

Our Score: 9.2/10

Friction Free Shaving provides so much more than a regular razor. With the high quality and reusable blades, you’ll never turn to another brand. You won’t forget about buying your shaving essentials each month, as they are delivered straight to your door. I don’t think any other razor could compare.

From: £6.95