Worried that your pet might be filled with fleas? Or just tired of fleas in general? Want to get rid of all this worry and tension once and for all? Try Itch: the monthly pet deal treatment the best decision for your and your pet’s health. Because their health, well we can’t compromise on that can we?

How Itch: The monthly pet treatment works

The process is very simple and sophisticated. Here is an explanation of how it works:

  • When signing up for Itch the Monthly Pet Treatment you need to tell them about your pet. Nothing much or very difficult details. Just some info that helps the team at Itch make a personalized pet treatment specifically designed for your pet to fulfill its every need.
  • You choose your subscription plan. Itch the monthly pet treatment offers many different subscription plans and the customers are free to choose whichever one they prefer the most.
  • Choose the date you want to receive the treatment on. This can be changed later on at your leisure. Choose a date to fit your busy schedule best.
  • You will be charged 5 days before the shipment of your product.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription whenever you feel like it,
  • You will receive the package containing all the medicine and other ingredients to free your homes and pets from fleas.
  • These will be delivered right to your door.

What’s inside the Package you receive?

The package you receive from Itch will contain the following items:

  • Every Box you order will contain one spot on flea treatment bottle. This bottle contains the medicine for your pets.
  • You can additionally add on extra things in your box like treats and itch warmer.
  • Pet’s love their treats are that made specifically for a pets health and immunity.
  • The itch Warmer is a product of Itch: Monthly Pet treatment that helps your pets.

How to use the Itch: Monthly Pet Treatment?

There is a specific way to use the medicine delivered to you. Here is a simple explanation on how to use it:

  • The pipettes are to be snapped open while held upwards. So the contents don’t spill.
  • Gently rub the fur off of your pet until its skin shows.
  • Empty the contents of the pipette on the skin area.
  • Do not let the pets get wet for the next 48 hours.
  • Do not pet or touch the area where medicine was applied until it is dry.
  • Do not let your pet or pets lick the medicine off of it. And definitely don’t lick it yourself.
  • Make sure your pet sleeps alone and away from you for the next 48 hours. This is to prevent the ticks from jumping into something else.

Why Pet Flea Treatment Is Necessary for Your Pets?

Here are a few reasons why the Pet Flea Treatment is necessary for your pet:

  • As we all know the out pets health is a huge priority of ours. Almost nothing comes above our pet’s health. And we can and should not make any compromises on their health.
  • Fleas and ticks not only exist on your pets but also on your everyday places like beds, sofas, carpets etc.
  • Fleas can take up to 3 months to exterminate.
  • Fleas cause severe itching to pets and humans.
  • A flea has the tendency to lay up to 50 eggs per day.
  • This all can be prevented by giving our pets the best we can.
  • Prevent the disease rather than cure it, or cure it and prevent it from happening again.

What makes the Itch: Monthly Pet Flea Treatment better?

Following are the reasons why Itch monthly pet flea Treatment is better than most traditional flea treatments and also vets:

  • The team at Itch has been working in this industry for 10 years.
  • Their products are of gold-standard quality.
  • The products are made by help of professional vets and chemists etc.
  • Itch is personalized for your pets.
  • It kills tics and lice too.
  • Itch has the ability to not only kill flea but also flea larvae’s and flea eggs.
  • It comes at a very affordable rate.
  • It is delivered to your door.
  • Itch reminds you to take care of your pet.
  • Itch teaches you how to take care of your pets.
  • Itch tells you the right dose for your pet at the right time.
  • Itch is much cheaper than vets.
  • It offers you the best security for your pet’s health.



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