Japan Candy Box

Who doesn’t love candies? Nothings more exciting than getting snacks. If you agree then you’re in for a ride at Japan Candy Box. They deliver a box full of candies that hit only taste amazingly good but also look adorable.

You’re sure to get a wide selection of candies delivered right to you that can last you weeks. Of course there’s a chance you might just finish them in a day like me. But hey! You can’t blame me. They’re just that good.

A box of candy right at your doorstep. That’s a dream come true. I mean this box is a doorway to heaven. Plus this very fun and affordable heavenly package is being delivered to all parts of the world for absolutely free.

Candies like the Puccho Watermelon to the Yackin Sour Candy they have a huge variety of snacks available.

Each box should include 8-10 packs of candies which not only taste crazy good but also looks cute af.

They have various subscription plans available ranging from a month to a whole year.

Plus the price is super affordable starting from $20 which IMO is well worth it.

You can cancel your subscription at any time you want.

From: £24.90