MEL Science

The MEL Science experiment box is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Learn and teach science in a fun and productive way right from the comfort of your home with MEL Science experiment boxes. Get to learn and teach science with help of demonstrations and videos. No better way to learn the wonders of science.

Working Of MEL Science Subscription Boxes

The MEL Science experiment subscription boxes offer the best way to teach your kids science in a fun and safe way. Here are how the subscription boxes work.

  • The science experiment boxes offer you multiple kind of subscription plans to fit everyone’s needs and demands. You need to subscribe to one of the offered plans.
  • The box will be delivered to you right at your home so you can enjoy it with all the comfort. The delivery is free.
  • The subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time in a hassle-free manner.
  • Your first box comes with a VR Headset, and a starter kit. These help your experience science experiments in a virtual reality world.
  • The kits contain new and fun experiments to perform every month, these help you learn and discover new fun stuff.
  • These experiments help all the family get together and learn is a way that helps the family bond.
  • Help broaden the horizon of your children.
  • You can also gift subscription boxes to your friends and family.

The Contents of The Subscription Boxes

The MEL Science Experiment Box is filled and made up of the following contents:

The first box contains the following stuff:

  1. VR Headset. This helps your child delve deeper into the learning process without getting bored to death.
  2. Starter Kit. The starter kit contains all the necessary reusable stuff needed to perform the experiments. It consists of 8 tools. The kit comes free with a subscription to MEL Science subscription box.

All the boxes of the next months contain the following:

  1. Everything you need to complete the experiments.
  2. Safety equipment.
  3. Instructions to perform the experiment successfully.

The specific contents of the boxes depend of what experiments they have planned out for your kids this month.

Subscription Plans

MEL Science Experiment subscription boxes comes with a variety of subscription plans to meet everyone’s need and demand. This is to give ease to the members of MEL science experiments. Here is the preview of some of the plans offered by MEL:

  1. Monthly Subscription:The monthly subscription plan comes at a small price of £29.90/box. This is auto renewed until cancelled.
  2. 9 Month Special Deal Subscription Plan:This plan comes at a pre-paid price of £239.20. No additional fees applied. The subscription will automatically end after 9 months. With this plan you save £29.90. You get one month free.
  3. The Annual Plan:The annual subscription plan comes for £269.10. No additional fees applied. The subscription will automatically end after 12 months. With this plan you save £89.70. You get three months free.

You can cancel, pause your subscription plan at any time as it is completely adjustable. No hassle no nothing. The delivery is free all over the UK and US.

Why MEL Science Experiment

There are many reasons why MEL Science Experiment should be your pick to give your kids the perfect plan of learning and fun. Some of them are given below:

  • The team at MEL science experiments consists of 10-PHDs in science and are mostly parents. So, they all know what they are doing and who they are doing it for. There’s no one better for the care of your kids.
  • Your kids are taught using the cutting-edge technology of VR and AR which enhance the learning of your kids and help them delve deeper.
  • Research done at New Jersey Institute of Technology has proven that the methods of teaching used by MEL science experiments helps kids get better marks and grades in exams.
  • All the experiments and kits have been thoroughly tested at the laboratories and are in top condition. These all follow the regulations of safety.
  • These boxes offer education to your kids in the disguise if entertainment. You kids learn while having fun.

It’s a dream come true. Learn and have fun.

From: £29.90