Micro Bar Box is a full real life bar confined in a box delivered to your doorstep. Micro Bar Box allows you to live a full bar experience and get to taste unique and exquisite experience every month without even leaving the comfort of your home,
The full on Bar experience right on your sofa, what better way to spend a holiday?

Micro Bar Box with its wide variety of cocktails and spirits is guaranteed to take you a journey of taste you have never been on before.

How Does the Micro Bar Box works

The working of Micro Bar Box is pretty simple. It can easily be explained in a few steps. Here is a preview of how everything in the company works:

• After you have chosen to subscribe to the Micro Bar Box, you will receive a beautifully packaged box of cocktail at your doorstep.
• The company chooses which cocktail to send to you.
• You receive the ingredients of the cocktail along with a couple more items to enhance your experience.
• You follow the instructions given in the box to make the perfect cocktail.
• The cocktail changes every month to give you variety and excitement.
• Enjoy the cocktails with friends and family.

What’s in the Micro Bar Box

The Micro Bar Box is beautifully packaged in such a way that just looking at the box takes you to the world of Pre-COVID when you could easily visit the bars and enjoy the drink, the music and just relax. Each piece in the box has its own compartment and is neatly yet perfectly placed in it which not only gives it a truly mesmerizing look but also ensures the safety of the items inside the box.
It will be pretty hard to find a better presented box of cocktail then the Micro Bar Box.

Now to the question at hand. What’s inside this beautifully presented box? Well here’s a short list of items and their description:

• A combination of cocktails, spirits, tonics, mixers:

The exact combination is always a surprise chosen by the company. They choose from a wide variety of cocktails and make the perfect box. Sometimes it’s a themed box too. Like for example in February there is a high chance of it being Valentines themed. This however does not mean each February will be Valentine themed or each Valentines themed box will have the same content. The content always changes with each box to ensure you witness the wide variety and beauty of cocktails.

• A few snacks to complete your Friday night experience.

The snacks are usually matching with the theme of the box. These snacks are there to enhance your experience of the cocktails so you can indulge yourself in them and life freely. These always go well with the cocktails present in the box.

• A few tips for garnish for your cocktails.

The box also includes a few tips for garnish for your exquisite creations. This can give your cocktails a look far beyond amazing. Though they are just tips and you don’t have to follow them to the word. Use your own imaginations too and create a world of your own.

• A menu at the top of the box.

There is a menu at the top of the box which tell you how to prepare each drink and how to enjoy them to the fullest. This ensures you don’t make any error and enjoy the drinks to the fullest.

The box usually contains enough for about 4-6 servings. So just sit back and enjoy your weekend.

Subscription Plan

Become a member of the Micro Bar by subscribing to its subscription plan. The subscription plan costs £29/month. The cocktails on their own cost quite a lot more so it’s a pretty nice deal.

The subscription comes with no commitments. The subscription can be cancelled at any time you want.

There is also an option to gift Subscription to a loved one. The subscription can be of a selected amount of months. It is pre determined and is usually 3 months – 12 months.

Don’t want to become a member just yet? Well there are one off boxes available for purchase too. You should definitely try those.

Why Micro Bar Box

If the amazing and wonderful range of cocktails of Micro Bar Boxes isn’t enough to answer one of the most important questions “Why should we subscribe to Micro Bar Box? What makes it better than other traditional cocktails?” Here are a few more reasons:

• Micro Bar Boxes offer you a wide variety of cocktails, gin, vodka, rum, Prosecco and spirits. The variety offered at Micro Bar is almost unbeatable anywhere else.
• Really affordable prices. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune on a few drinks.
• Enjoy the drinks from the comfort and the safety of your home.
• Share this fun experience with your friends and family.
• You can also serve these to guests as refreshments. What a blast that would be.
• Perfect for gifting your special loved ones.
• Free delivery all across United Kingdom.
• Brands used are sourced from all across the United Kingdom.
• Easy and flexible subscription. No commitment.
• Learn about what you drink and how to prepare your own treats too.
• Definitely the best choice during the COVID pandemic. Why let it ruin your fun?

A cocktail lover and the Micro Bar Box is a match made in heaven. So what are you waiting for? Go on ahead and try some.

From: £29