Myvitamins Snackbox

There’s nothing worse than desperately needing something to eat, but everything you have in your cupboards needs preparing. The Myvitamins Snackbox solves this problem by providing you with a monthly dose of 12 delicious and healthy snacks. Your hunger will be fulfilled minus any guilt. You’ll find yourself living a healthier lifestyle without even realising it since all these yummy treats are as good as the real thing. From crisps to chocolate, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with what you get.

There’s only a limited number of boxes available so if you want to get your hands on the best snack subscription box around, you’ll have to move quickly. You won’t know what deliciousness is going to hit you each month with the snacks being kept a secret until delivery day. You know you’ll be getting the best items out there since they are hand-picked by Myvitamins specially trained nutritionists.

Forget just snacks, you’ll be given a great selection of supplements, superfoods, and vitamins. The brands they’ve teamed up with are trusted and tested such as Trek Bars, CLA, Deliciously Ella Energy Balls, and so much more.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a box of snacks worth over £35, you’re definitely in for a bargain. You’re able to just buy a one-off box or opt for up to a 12-month subscription. After just one box, you’re definitely going to want more. The longer you subscribe, the more savings you’ll get for your loyalty. Here are the current prices:

  • 1 Month: £14.99
  • 3 Months: £14.49 a month
  • 6 Months: £13.99 a month
  • 12 Months: £12.99 a month

Each billing date is the 20th of the month so you’ll know when to expect your well-earnt money to leave your account. You’re able to cancel whenever you like by simply contacting Myvitamin. You’ll find your new box of goodies arrive 2-3 working days after payment which will be when the excitement kicks in.

As mentioned, there’s only a limited number of boxes available each month. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what everyone is wanting, so start your subscription before the next month sells out. You can thank us later.

Our Score: 9.6/10

This box is absolutely fantastic with a good range of different vitamins, high-protein snacks, and so much more. For the amount you get, the price barely touches sides on my bank account. The exclusivity of receiving one of the limited boxes makes the feeling of receiving one even better. Will definitely keep ordering.

From: £12.99