Pong Cheese

Cheese. Mostly produced by cows but also produced from other animals like yaks, camels, goats etc. It is
one of the most desirable products out there. I mean it deserves the love it gets.

Cheese is a byproduct of our ancestors finding out different stuff by trying to work wonders on milk. I’m
glad they did.

Even though cheese is good enough to be a main course on its own, it has been getting pushed back to
end which makes some cheese lovers sad.

Pong Cheese is there to right this wrong. With its special cheese collection there’s no need to worry for
any cheese lover any more.

Their subscription boxes come in a variety of plans from 3 to 12 months.

They have special chefs available to help them try out new stuff cause only through innovation can we

For any order that’s above £50 the delivery is totally free.

So try out the boxes and choose which suits you best. And let Pong Cheese take care of all your cheesy

From: £28