Savage Vines

Savage wines offer monthly subscription boxes which you can subscribe to, to receive packages of wines to try and enjoy on a monthly basis. So if you ever want to just lay back and enjoy a bottle, Savage Wines is the place to go.

Choosing wine can be daunting so why not leave it to the experts!

At Savage Vines they are all about finding their members epic wines and delivering a box of delicious wines to their door every month. All you need to do is join the subscription and let them know if you like reds, whites or both and our Wine Savages do the rest.

How Savage Wines Subscription Boxes work

The Savage Wine Subscription can easily be explained in the following steps:

  • Select a subscription plan that suits your need and budget. Savage wines offers a variety of subscription plans to meet everyone’s needs.
  • The club chooses a variety of wine bottles and delivers them to your doorstep.
  • Select which kind of wine you like and would prefer to be in your box. You can choose any combination of red and white.

And that’s it. You can just enjoy the wine on a monthly basis.

What’s in The Savage Wines Subscription Boxes

The wine bottles come securely packaged in a neat briefcase styles box. It contains the following things:

  • Bottles of wines. The number of bottles you will receive depends on the subscription plan you chose, though you can pick the content of the bottles according to your tastes.
  • A handy card providing all you need to know about where the wine is from, how it has been made and some tips on what type of food will match well with the wine.
  • On the delivery day you will receive a link to a podcast where the in house sommelier Raul will speak to you personally about the wines received.

Subscription Plans Available

Savage Wines offer a variety of subscription plans to fit everyone’s needs. They are listed below:

  • 2 wines: This subscription plan allows you to receive 2 bottles of wine. This subscription plan costs £29.95/month.
  • 3 wines: This subscription plan allows you to receive 3 bottles of wine. This subscription plan costs £42/month.
  • 6 wines: This subscription plan allows you to receive 6 bottles of wine. This subscription plan costs £79.95/month.
  • 12 wines: This subscription plan allows you to receive 12 bottles of wine. This subscription plan costs £139.95/month.

You can choose any of the above subscription plan that you think suits you best. Also remember a subscription plan can be paused / cancelled at any times you like.

Why Subscribe To Savage Wine Subscription Boxes

You are probably wondering why you should subscribe to Savage Wines. Well here’s a short list of reasons:

  • The wines you receive are of exceptional quality and unique to their region. They are made in small volumes.
  • Subscribing to a Savage Vines wine subscription will change the way you look at wine. They deliver unique bio-dynamic, organic and conventional wines of exceptional quality to your door every month.
  • They do all the work and you can rest assured that your taste buds go on a world wine journey and to teach you about wine in the process, all from your couch.
  • With the pandemic of COVID-19 that is going on, Savage Wines ensures you taste the best wine all from the safety and comfort of your house.
  • You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit cards to subscribe and pay.
  • You will receive a whopping 25% discount on wine purchases.
  • You will receive some tips on what foods will the wine taste good with. Of course you are not required to stick to them.
  • You will not be charged extra for delivery. All delivery charges are included in the subscription fees so you don’t even have to spend anything extra.
  • The majority of their wines are, although not all, organic and bio-dynamic. If they are not certified they will still be practicing methods which are considered biodynamic or organic.
  • You can gift a subscription to a friend or family member


From: £29.95