Seed Pantry

The seed pantry club was created by Neil Whitehead. The seed pantry grow club is a club for all plant lovers who want and love to experience the joy of growing plants and flowers in their homes. The seed pantry grow club not only allows you to make your home and environment more greener and fresher but it also allows its members to stay on the most resent gardening trends.

The Working of Seed Pantry

The working process of Seed Pantry Grow Club is pretty simple. Although pretty simple in its nature yet it is an effective method to not only promote the habit of gardening but also allows its users to eat fresh.

Let’s take a look at how the Seed pantry Monthly subscription boxes work:

  • If you subscribe to the Seed Pantry monthly subscription boxes you will receive a box of seeds right at your doorsteps.
  • These boxes contain different kinds of seeds. The seeds are planned and scheduled according to the seasons. This helps and improves the users experience in gardening,
  • The uses receive the boxes at a mapped out way. This depends on many things such as seasons and on going Trends etc.
  • The members of the club grow the plants in their homes following the guidelines given by experts filled with treasures of knowledge.
  • The plants can be grown any where you like such as pots, vases even vegetable patches at your home.
  • The seeds you receive will of flowers, ornamental plants and vegetables even.
  • The vegetables you grow will be natural grown and fresh and should be enjoyed as such.

What’s in the Seed Pantry’s Monthly Subscription Boxes?

When you subscribe to Seed Pantry Monthly Subscription Boxes you can expect to find the following items at your doorstep every month:

  • Seeds for growing foods and flowers. The seeds can e of flowers, tubers, bulbs, seeds and plants.
  • Seasonings
  • Seeds to grow according to the season. Seed pantry grow club allows its members to grow seeds of all season weather it’s summer, winter, autumn or spring.
  • Advice from experts on how to grow the plants and properly care for them.
  • Little tips on how to stay on the gardening trends.

The Seed Pantry Subscription Plan

The Seed Pantry offers many kinds of subscriptions to help its members feel at ease and choose the plan that suits them best:

  • The monthly plan: This plan is best for new comers who want to experience what the Seed Pantry has to offer. This plan can be subscribed to at a cost of £12.99/month,
  • The three month subscription plan: Discover the benefits of being subscribed to the Seed Pantry for a whole 3 months. All for the cost of £39.
  • The six month subscription plan: Enjoying your subscription? Why not upgrade to a six month subscription plan. This plan comes at a price of £78.
  • The full year subscription plan: Be subscribed to the Seed Pantry for a whole year. Stay connected to your garden and all around the globe gardening trends without even leaving your house at a cheap cost of £156.

There is also an option to gift subscription to your friends and family. What are a better gift then healthy foods and flowers to decorate your house, especially when these things are grown by you.

How Seed panty chooses the specific contents of my box?

The contents of the Seed Pantry Seed subscription boxes are chosen in the following way:

  • The seed pantry chooses a wide assortment of plants and their seeds depending on the time of the year and the seasons.
  • They also keep the seeds requirements in their mind when they are choosing the contents.
  • After they have compiled a list of items you are free to choose from them.
  • You are free to choose any 6 items from a selection that have given.
  • The items you choose will be delivered straight to your door in an amazingly well packaged box.
  • The list of items selected by the team at the Seed Pantry is changed on a monthly basis.

Can’t choose the specific content you would like in your box? It can be for any reason like sometimes people don’t have the knowledge and understanding of plants so they are scared to choose, you don’t have to worry about that because they send complete guidelines on how to grow the plants and only let you choose from the plants which will grow well at the time of the year you are getting the box, or it can be that you just can’t make up your mind because if the marvelous and wide variety they offer?

Well in any case they also offer you a choice to let you forfeit your choice and they will send you a box full of seeds according to what they think will work eat for you.

What Kind of Boxes does Seed Pantry offers us?

Seed Pantry offers us two kinds of boxes so everyone can get a box they are comfortable with. The slight explanation of the boxes is given below:

  • The discovery boxes: This box is best for small spaces, gardens and assortment. This box contains six seed packets which are chosen and picked by you to grow in you home.
  • The pro-boxes: This box is ideal for large spaces and gardens. This box contains ten seed packets chosen by you.

Why Seed Pantry?

Let us discuss why we should choose the Seed subscription boxes of Seed Pantry? Well here are a few reasons amongst many to get you started and to get you an idea of what seed pantry will bring to your life:

  • In this mechanical world we all need a little greenery in our lives and house.
  • The feeling of growing something by our own effort is irreplaceable. Seed Pantry offers you that feeling without leaving your home.
  • Seed Pantry gives you the seed at a much discounted rate. 40% less then what you would get from getting through the market.
  • Expert how to grow guides. Food pantry gives you expert advices and guidelines to grow your plants in the best way.
  • The seeds will be delivered to your doorstep right on time. The time perfect to grow them.
  • You can pause/skip/or even cancel your subscription whenever you want to.
  • The wide variety of items offered by the Seed Pantry is nearly unbeatable.


From: £13.99