Socks In A Box

What’s the most important thing for you that you look for in a pair of socks?

Is it how warm they are? Or how well do they fit you? How they look on you? Or how they’re made and affect the environment?

Regardless of your answer Socks in a Box is the best choice for you because it will absolutely fit your each and every need related to socks.

They’re made from high quality bamboo and eco-friendly. They don’t give a bad impact on the environment and keep our Earth clean and healthy. They fit you perfectly and make sure you always feel as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Socks in a Box make the perfect gift for all your friends and family. Plus to top it off they even have a couple option available for your friend who are in a relationship. Isn’t that just the cutest?

Rolling subscriptions are the thing that captures people the most. Because not only do they get socks of amazing quality they also get them timely at their doorstep without any of the hassle of shopping for themselves.

With a 200-needle weave and a hand linked toe they are comfortable beyond measure and are very long lasting. Plus the designs of the socks are always changing so your drawer will never look bland.

The prices start from £22.50 for 3 months, plus discounts on longer subscriptions, which comes out to be £6.25 per month. Delivery is always free.

The best part about Socks in a Box is that for every pack of socks you order. A pack of socks is donated to a charity for orphans.

Here are some coupons to help you get some discounts.

Coupon 1

  • £5 off first box on all rolling subscriptions
  • Code: ASB5POUNDS
  • End: 30 September 2021

Coupon 2

  • 10% off all gift subscriptions and gift boxes
  • Code: ASB10PERCENT
  • End: 30 September 2021

From: £6.25