Your furry friends deserve a treat too, so why not get a pet subscription box from Tails.com? They provide you with the best food and treats for your pet to keep their tails wagging. All you have to do is tell them about your dog and you’ll get unique made treats made specifically for their needs. Everything is made naturally, with no artificial ingredients. You’ll see a happier and better-behaved dog after feeding them this delicious pet food.

There is an endless amount of different ingredients they mix to get the perfect combination for your small family member. You’ll get specific instructions on how to feed your dog for perfect results. Every month you’ll find your little package at your doorstep, ready to make your pet’s day. As your dog ages, so does their need so Tails.com will ensure that they update the recipe as this happens. A puppy’s needs won’t be the same as a fully grown dog.

 How The Subscription Works

Signing up for a subscription with Tails.com is as easy as 1,2,3. To begin you’ll have to let them know of a few basic details such as your dog’s age, size, breed, and whether they have any food sensitivities. From then on, they’ll get working on your pet’s tailored treats. Their experts know what they’re doing to ensure smooth bowel movements and a happy puppy. You can add any additional treats or food and they’ll give you a detailed feeding plan. After this, with free delivery, you’ll get your package in as little as 72 hours. It really couldn’t be simpler.

How Much It Costs

The price of your pet’s goodie box depends on the ingredients used and the breed/size of your dog. If you include add-ons, then this will affect the price too. Here is a general guide of the pricing per month depending on the size of your dog:

  • Toy: £10.44
  • Small: £14.74
  • Medium: £20.57
  • Large: £29.54
  • Giant: £39.03

The range of products available includes wet and dry dog food, dental dailies, and treats. Overall, the pricing is not bad at all for a month’s worth of feeding your dog. They’ll certainly thank you for it too. Head to the Tails.com website to start your customised order now and get those tails wagging.

From: £8.75