The Goddess Project

The company picks the best of the best luxurious and exquisite lingerie for their customers so they look like literal Goddesses even when they’re undressed.

The lingerie is perfectly fitted according to the customer’s size and delivered straight to their address.

The lingerie received by the customers will have an average retail price which is usually £60 more than what they pay here.

The lingerie always belongs to designer brands and can come in different shapes and outfits for example it ca range from a bra and brief set to a camisole and so on.

This is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones as you don’t even need to do the daunting task of visiting the lingerie stores or websites.

Plus you don’t even need to know the measurements as you can just select the “Don’t Know” option and they’ll deliver items that don’t require it. Plus these measurements can be updated on a later date.

They offer several types of subscriptions which the customers can choose from.

Get Goddess Project and be nothing less than a Goddess.

From: £39.99