The Vegan Kind

This monthly subscription box is one box that everyone, who has had an experience to try, looks forward to opening each and every month.

Vegan Kind is a box made especially for people who care about their environment. With goodies made in a planet friendly manner and absolutely cruelty free Vegan Kind ensures that its customers receive the best of the best.

Each month they deliver at your doorstep a box filled with, neatly and professionally curated, 8-10 goodies. Each of these products is previously researched and investigated to ensure not only is it of the highest quality but also made in a cruelty free manner, are green and vegan, and are absolutely delicious.

Other then treats and goodies they also supply household items and toiletries. Plus there is also a laminated recipe card delivered very month and a binder to store the cards in.

For more information you can visit their website. Plus they are available on social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter.
Vegan Kind offers its customers an efficient and cost friendly way to try out and discover new vegan options out there.

From: £13.15