The Wine List

The Wine List subscription boxes can easily be described as a “monthly wine course”. Every month learn a little about your wine. How it’s made, how to taste it, and how the environment effects what you get to taste.
The complete guide to wine is delivered to your doorstep monthly. So you can just kick back and rest on your couch while enjoying the bottles of wine, and still learn about what makes that bottle different from the others.

How Wine List Works

The wine list activities can be described in the following steps:

  • Choose a subscription plan according to your needs and budget. Wine list offers variety of subscription plans to fit everyone’s needs.
  • Discover Great wine. According to your subscription plan you will receive bottles of wine, monthly, at your doorsteps. These bottles are al produced by small and independent vineyards.
  • Learn as you Taste. Learn and understand the basic fundamentals of wine tasting. You will also be taught about the variety and quality of grapes and much more.

What’s in the Wine List Subscription Boxes

The Wine List’s subscription box is designed to help members and subscribers conveniently enjoy the best wine right from the comfort of their home.

  • After subscription your box comes with the following items:
  • Bottles of wine according to your subscription plan.
  • A complete introduction and tasting guide to help you fully discover the flavors and learn more about the wine that you have received.
  • Taste note cards to mark certain categories and to take notes for your future reference.

Subscription Plans

The Wine List offers three subscription plans, which differ from each other based on the number of wine bottles you receive monthly.

  • 2 bottles: You will receive two bottles of wine along the other essentials. This subscription plan costs £39. This is the most popular subscription plan that people usually select.
  • 6 bottles: You will receive six bottles of wine along the other essentials. Little is known about this subscription plan.
  • 12 bottles: You will receive twelve bottles of wine along the other essentials. Little is known about this subscription plan.

Why Subscribe to the Wine List Subscription Boxes

Here are some reasons as to why you should subscribe to the Wine List Subscription Boxes:

  • Be confident when picking wine in restaurants, bars and supermarkets.
  • Join member’s only events, hosted by our wine experts.
  • All subscribers get 10% off their favorite case of wines.

Some Other Notes to Remember

*Delivery of your monthly box is always free.
*Subscriptions are flexible. You can cancel at any time.

From: £39