Many of us have the burden of bad eyesight. Contact lenses have become a godsend since it provides you with the same sight as wearing glasses, without actually wearing them. There’s nothing worse than waking up and realising you forgot to top-up your contacts prescription. Waldo can save the day with a subscription service that ensures you never run out.

Why Choose Waldo Lenses?

Waldo lenses are of high quality and designed for optimum comfort. You’re provided with daily lenses which are much more hygienic than some longer wear contacts that other companies may provide. You’re guaranteed the best possible sight when wearing a Waldo lens with their aspheric lens design. It’ll be like viewing life in HD. A few more reasons Waldo lenses are the best is that they provide UV protection and a large amount of oxygen for your eyes.

The Subscription

You’re guaranteed to get the best contacts for your eyes with Waldo. They offer a personalised service which fits your individual needs. All you have to do is provide your contact and prescription details. Their in-house optometrist is there for you every step of the way to answer any questions. Your eyes will never be healthier with their round the clock service.

The subscription for your glasses is extremely well priced and guaranteed to arrive on time for your next fill up. For only £12 a month, you’re provided with a box of 30 original lenses. If you’re unsure whether to swap lenses, a 10-day free trial is offered. All you have to do is pay the delivery fee. Vitamin lenses are also offered on subscription. These provide your eyes with all the vitamins needed to keep them refreshed throughout the day. The rate for these is still a decent £16 for 30 lenses, hardly a lot to pay for the best vision.

You cannot go wrong with Waldo lenses. Finding contacts with the best balance of moisture and comfort can be difficult, but Waldo provides just this. The price is reasonable and will hardly touch sides on your bank account. All you have to do is provide them with your prescription details, and voila, you are sorted.

From: £12