WINEPOST is a club founded because Tristan, the founder, couldn’t get good quality delivered to them due to the pandemic. Now they have created their own club to help others in such a problem. This club was created from the ground to not only allow to you enjoy high quality wine from the comfort and safety of your house but also teach you about what you are drinking and why you like or dislike it. The club is designed magnificently.

Working of WINEPOST

The whole working of WINEPOST is built and designed beautifully. Here we will explain it in the following steps:

• First of all you need to choose a plan which suits you best. The plans differ from each other in price and the number of bottles you receive.
• When you have chosen the plan you choose which type of bottles you want, like for example you want reds, whites or rose. Whichever you prefer. You can choose a combination of all three too. It’s all up to you,
• Then you choose how frequently you want to receive the wine bottles.
• No need to worry all the above can be changed at any given time. You are not bound by any contract. And you can pause, cancel or even speed up your delivery whenever you want. All the control is in your hands.
• WINEPOST will then handpick and deliver to you a box of high-class good quality wine at your house.
• The wines in the box will be based on what you specified.
• After you have enjoyed the wine, you log in on the website and give feedback about the wines you received.
• This feedback is used to make the next batch even more enjoyable for you, because they take your feedback into consideration when choosing the bottles of wines for you,

What’s in the WINEPOST subscription boxes?

The WINEPOST subscription boxes are beautifully packaged and delivered. The contents of the boxes is given below:

• Bottles of wines according to your subscription plan.
• Tasting cards for each wine. This helps you learn why you like what you like.


To answer the question of “Why WINEPOST?” we have quite a few reasons. Here are some listed down below:

1. Eco-Friendly: The whole process of WINEPOST is environment friendly. The website has a whole page explaining how it’d recycles everything and how a lot is made from recycled products. It also tells why it’s important to go for eco-friendly stuff.
2. High Quality Wine: The wines at WINEPOST are not just your everyday wines. They specially hand-picked from vineyards.
3. Affordable Prices: The wine is at a real reasonable rate and not too heavy on your wallet. This is ensured by not using a middle man. The club purchases directly from the vineyard and delivers directly to you.
4. Modernity: The wine clubs have been a part of culture since long ago but WINEPOST has been designed for function to our modern everyday lives.
5. Flexible Subscription: The subscription plans are very flexible with no contracts. You can pause, cancel or even speed up your deliveries. You have total control over your wine.
6. Know your wine: WINEPOST not only delivers you wine but also teaches and guides you about what you are drinking, the perfect combo.

From: £32.95