Wow Box Me is a monthly subscription food box company. It’s main audience are people of all ages who have a love for discovering and trying out new and unique food items. The company aims at providing its members the best of the very best. There’s something for everyone there, no matter your preferences and your age they will have something you like. Every box you receive will make you go “Wow”.

How does Wow Box Me works?

Every month the team at Wow Box Me will select and deliver a box full of amazing food items for you to your home. The process is very simple. So here’s a preview into Wow Box Me process:

  • After you have signed up to the Wow Box Me website, you will choose the box that fits your needs. There are many kinds of boxes to choose from. All have their respective prices depending on what’s inside,
  • When you have chooses your perfect box the team at Wow Box Me curates your box by carefully choosing and selecting the items for you.
  • The box will be delivered to you to your home, so you can enjoy it from the comfort and safety of your home.
  • Enjoy the contents of the box.
  • Give feed back to the company about the contents if the box.
  • You can order more than 1 box per month and also gift boxes to your loved ones.
  • Your subscription auto-renews unless you pause or cancel it.

What’s inside the Wow Box Me Subscription Boxes?

The specifics of the contents of the Wow Box Me Subscription Boxes remain a secret till they reach your door. This is done to ensure you get to feel the excitement of opening the boxes and enjoying the contents.

The contents are handpicked by the team at Wow Box Me but can also be customized by you as they take your preferences into account when they are choosing the contents of your box.

The box contains snacks and drinks that not only are enjoyable on their own but also complement each other’s taste.

The contents of the boxes change every month so you can get that “Wow” felling every month, this is also done to give you a vast variety.

What Different Kinds of Wow Box Me Subscription Boxes are available?

There are many different kinds of Wow Box Me Subscription Boxes available for you to choose from. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Discovery Box: This box is ideal for those who want to try what Wow Box Me has to offer to you. This box starts from £4.99/box.
  2. Healthy Box: This box contains a lot of items that not only taste good but also support health of a person. On a diet? Or want to lose weight? This box will be the ideal one for you. This box starts from £15.99/box.
  3. Craft Beer Box: This box is the ideal one for those who love beer. Craft beer is exquisite if properly produced. Wow Box Me feed you the best craft beer. This box costs £21.99/box.
  4. Wine box: These boxes come in further three types. The white wine box, the red wine box and the mixed wine box. These boxes contain some of the most unique bottles of wine you will ever find. These boxes cost £27.99/box.

Subscription Plans at Wow Box Me

Wow Box Me offers three different kinds of subscription plans:

  1. The monthly subscription plan: You will be subscribing to Wow Box Me for a month. Your subscription will auto-Renew on the 1st of every month until you pause or cancel your subscription.
  2. The three-month subscription plan: You will be subscribing to Wow Box Me for a whole three month experience. After that your subscription will automatically renew itself on the first of every third month, until you pause or cancel the subscription.
  3. The six-month subscription plan: You will be subscribing to Wow Box Me for half a year. Your subscription will automatically renew on the first of every 6th month.

The subscription plans can be cancelled at the click of one button without any hassle. This can easily be done through the “My Profile button”. Though if you have subscribed to the three-month or six-month subscription plan you will be paying all up front. And you will receive the boxes for all the months you paid for. After the time is over and you have cancelled your subscription, your subscription will not auto-renew.

Why Wow Box Me?

Why should we subscribe to Wow Box Me? What makes it better than the others?

The answers to all these and many more questions are given below:

  • All the boxes are filled with amazing and delicious contents from, all around the UK, from amazing suppliers.
  • The cost of a box offers you much cheaper products then you would get from buying from stores.
  • You will be given points which can be earned in many ways and can be used to customize your box and buy cool merchandise.
  • There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic boxes. This is done to fit everyone’s needs.
  • Different subscription plans.
  • Customizable boxes which you can customize according to your preferences.
  • Free delivery all across United Kingdom.
  • Invitation program. You can invite friends and both of you will receive benefits.
  • Auto-renewed subscriptions. This saves you a lot of effort.
  • Easy cancellation of subscription.
  • And much more.

From: £9.99